Monday, July 22, 2013

Out of Love with the Australian Greens

During the last Federal Election of 2010, I voted Greens in the Senate - and it was a sensible choice, and probably still is, given the rambunctious and chaotic nature of the two big parties.

Now however, I find them utterly repulsive, and as someone who is of a left-leaning nature, it's made me realise that there is no real sane left alternative in Australia to vote for.

Take for example the circus act surrounding a paid parental leave scheme, which has incidentally been flagged by Abbott as one of his big policy platforms for quite some time.

This morning, Christine Milne, the default leader of the Greens after Bob Brown's retirement, has held a dank press conference to announce their ideal paid parental leave scheme.

The only problem, it's almost a carbon-copy of Mr Abbott's scheme; both include a 1.5% tax on companies who earn over $5 million annually - the only difference being, while Mr Abbott's is capped at $150,000, the Green's want to bring that down to $100,000.

Before getting to the 'detail' of her scheme, Milne cited a recent survey in Australia of employers, of whom a large percentage said they would prefer to employ young men who have no relationships and no children.

'This is wrong' Milne proclaimed.

Keep in mind, it was just a silly survey, and just an opinion of a preference, but apparently facts needs to be savaged.

As a young man with no relationships and no children, and who finds it nigh impossible to find a job, I find this rather entertaining - apparently young single men don't deserve jobs, and we should all bloody well get out of the way so women can fulfill the idealistic rolls of both career and children and sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya.

It's bad enough to be told by Centrelink and the local job seeking places that office work is 'only for women' - despite holding a degree, and despite being relatively literate, and punctual.

Thanks to false identity politics, a woman is more deserving. I believe in a fair deal for everyone, but this is obviously a new breed of favouritism.

Christine Milne and her defacto deputy Sarah-Hanson Young do the calm-yet-stern lecture down the camera lens and expect everyone to beg for more; there's lots of yummy political capital to be gained from left issues, such as gay marriage, asylum seekers, and now parental leave schemes - which ironically - the Liberals have been vying for for a while.

Asylum seekers is all the rave at the moment, especially since Rudd's return to power and his announcement of a hardline plan to settle all (economic) refugees in Papua New Guinea.

1100 people have so far died at sea in the mad rush to try to get to Australia, and still yet, the Greens would want to keep the failed policies that enable this parade of death to happen at our doorstep.

The Greens, like all minor political parties, love to talk big, and love to put vials up to people's eyelids and collect their tears and say they're going to do this and that - in actuality, if they were to govern, they would find it particularly difficult.

When I first saw the polls that show the Greens' vote dropping, from about 12% last election to 9% at the moment, I was confused as to how this could be so given the big parties' dismal performances of late.

But it does actually make sense - Christine Milne and Sarah-Hanson Young are incredibly maddening to listen to - everything is a tragedy, everything is unfair, and only they have all of the possible solutions.

In short, I don't like them, and I change the channel now whenever they have an appearance at one of their characterless press conferences.

Of course, the young folk will vote for them, because they believe in gay marriage, and that's always been a surefire way of late to get the youth vote - but beyond that, there's a vacuum.

I would say their vote has dropped because Australians are becoming increasingly ticked off with political parties of all persuasions.

While I would like to see a minor political party have the balance in the Senate, which is politically healthy, I'm not so sure anymore that I want it to be the Greens.

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