Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Gullibility of The Middle Classes

The middle classes.

Call them lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, they're all mostly the same thing.

There may be little variation such as wage and education level, personal tastes, or location, but they overwhelmingly all follow the same set formulae.

Without them, our current economic model couldn't function. They're needed to pay taxes, to service the mortgage industry, to be exploited by the upper classes for their labour, and help feed the masses of the hungry underclasses below them - lest they take to their castles with pitchforks and torches.

Many western nations like to think of themselves as 'classless' - however, since they were mostly populated by the highly classist Britain, classism is ingrained into their DNA, and it will never be lifted.

At this point, I must be sounding like a raving Marxist, which is to the contrary; India for instance has the caste system, and even the Reds had a system of the very poor and the very rich, which went against the very idea of communism, hence its failure.

I merely have outside view looking in.

The main premise of the middle classes is that one can always 'get ahead', and every action in life is therefore aimed at this 'getting ahead'.

It could be called ambition, and actions such as higher education are supposed to set the ball rolling of the so-called 'aspirational' middle class and further their 'getting ahead'.

Getting ahead however doesn't always work, it has its pitfalls, and is by-and-large a grand marketing scheme devised by the upper creams of society.

For instance, you might think you can 'get ahead' by buying your own home with a spouse; a place to raise the children, and a sense of financial security once it is all paid off in 10 or 20 years.

Of course, you throw yourself to the mercy of the market - the house might lose value, interest rates might go up and down, but by and large this isn't so much of a problem.

But, say for instance, you want a 'better' house? So begins a merry-go-round of buying and selling, buying and selling, in the hope of 'getting ahead' in the market and having one up on the Jones'.

This is more prevalent than you might think, and it is something that is done in the 'mortgage belts' of Australia, such as the western suburbs of majour cities, and country and regional towns.

Also, you might end up getting a divorce, with the wife keeping the house, or having it sold off, and watching your labour-dollars go up in smoke.

It's what drives the market for many things - that 'getting ahead'.

When of course, all one needs is a secure roof, a place to prepare meals, and perhaps a garage; but this is never sufficient for the middle classes, who perhaps need four car spaces and a kitchen the size of a warehouse.

The 'McMansion' is the ultimate aim.

And for most of the time, it's temporary anyway, as they effectively 'rent' this dream from the bank in the form of a mortgage with tacked-on interest.

But that's enough of housing.

Indoctrination begins early in the middle classes.

The children are dropped off to childcare while mummy and daddy both work in an upstanding, righteous fashion to service the aforementioned mortgage.

And if the kiddies grow up big and strong, they too can become soulless wage slaves themselves.

This formulae is now what everyone is programmed for; to work, consume and die.

But perhaps that's an oversimplification, and one tainted with cynicism.

If the middle classes weren't so sickeningly docile, passive, and downright gullible, the whole premise of western politics and economics would collapse with dire consequences.

Politicians wouldn't be able to lie to them anymore.

This is the reason that the vast majourity of politicking is aimed directly at the middle class.

In Australia it comes in the form of the Baby Bonus, the First Home Owners Grant, and the Schoolkids Bonus.

Obviously, the government wants you to do two things - breed and pay a mortgage - and people buy the message in droves, when really they are pawns of cattle being shuffled around the socioeconomic system.

White picket fences and manicured lawns are all one is put on this earth to strive for, and heaven help you if dare question it otherwise.

Marriage is another pinnacle of the middle classes.

Once their child spawn have left childcare, drifted through more indoctrination at school, and perhaps completed their fuck-fest at university while perhaps dodging an STD scare or three, it's time to 'settle down'; get married, have a couple of kids, and wait for their inevitable deaths while starring blankly at the TV screen that shovels more propaganda down their throats.

Like force-fed geese being fattened up for foie gras, they're lulled into rhythmic routine and led to slaughter.

Given the frightening obesity rates in the west that continue to climb, it's not too far from the truth.

What's the alternative?

Well it sure does beat living in Africa, or somewhere else in the third world, whom may have little more than a tent to live in, let alone the warehouse-sized kitchen and four car spaces; a dog in a western country probably receives better nutrition and healthcare.

Our system however is built on the premise of economic growth, and can only survive if there is continual growth.

If growth falls or slows, jobs are lost, prices rise, and suddenly the creature comforts evaporate along with the jobs that provided them in the first place.

So it's not sustainable in any sense - just the toll on the planet of the natural resources required to meet Joe and Joanne citizen squeezing out more and more babies to collect the Baby Bonus is sign enough that this is not a system geared towards the longterm.

What's more, the middle classes don't know who their real enemy is.

They're told it's Joe Six Pack dole bludger, or a wayward asylum seeker who is eating their precious tax dollars; which is partially the case, but in that instance they fail to notice that they themselves may one day be unemployed or incapacitated, and in which instance, living in a welfare state would be fortuitous.

They fail to realise it's the people at the very very top who they indirectly work for, such as bank CEOs that earn their equivalent yearly income in a day or so, that they are completely oblivious to.

But not to worry - work even harder, and you too might one day be just like them.

The narrative is that it's the people 'below' them that are the enemy, and are required to be chastised, put down, and shunned, rather than the people that truly do own them for life and hold the proverbial dagger over their heads while promising economic paradise.

How many times have you heard a middle class person claim that they are independent and self-sustaining?

Nothing could be further from the truth - they are intertwined within a system.

They're dependent on their employers to give them the job they work; they're dependent on the bank to loan them money for their house; they're dependent on poorly paid Chinese labourers for their toys and gadgets; they're dependent on farmers to grow their food for them.

So no, they are not independent - they are simply being rewarded for unwavering obedience, and they could fall down with the rest of the swine at any point in life.

It is the good life after all though, right?

Ignorance is bliss.

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