Monday, March 11, 2013

"You're Just a Simple Tax Payer"

A few lines of rhyme, something a little different here at Left, Right, Up, Down.

You're just a simple tax payer - yes you are;

driving to work, driving both near and far;

bills to pay, mortgages & debts to meet;

you toil away with blisters on your feet;

the promise of democracy is that you have a choice;

whilst in stop-and-go traffic, your baby's nappy goes moist;

rest assured your dollars give welfare folk food to eat;

even if it is mostly cheap cuts of meat;

and even as you gingerly lay down your head;

with worries that your finances are in the red;

you know you are doing the right honourable thing;

even if you are paying for some dole bludger's bling;

ease your mind as your near-broken back finally relaxes;

for alas the only things certain tomorrow are death and taxes.

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