Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time for Australia to welcome a Coalition government?

With just under 180 days until the next Australian Federal Election, it's looking more and more like Tony Abbott will be our next Prime Minister.

Rather than rant and complain about what travesties await us under the new regime, perhaps we should instead cut our losses with Labor, and instead embrace a new Liberal-led government.

Labor have failed at being a supposedly progressive centre-left party, anyway.

In any other circumstance, I would probably barrack very strongly for Labor and their ilk; but as the past 18 months at least have shown, they are no longer really fit to govern.

Their chance has past, and they've had some great ideas, such as the National Broadband Network, but as with all of those great ideas, they have been poorly implemented, or poorly communicated to the public.

Instead, we've had displays of 'Rudd backers' and 'Gillard backers' and faceless union men playing out their dramas in the national media spotlight.

We've also had Labor and union heavyweights, such as Paul Howes, trash the Greens at every given opportunity, even though the Greens allowed Labor to form a government in the first place.

This week has shown how dysfunctional they now are, as they attempt to ram through sweeping media reform legislation through Parliament by Thursday, which is looking more and more likely to be a failure, especially given that the Greens and independents are wary of it.

Gillard today even attempted to play the 'misogynist' card against Tony Abbott, which I personally found to be a poor show, and without any relevancy to any topic in Question Time.

Combined with renewed party leadership speculation, and falling approval ratings for Gillard and the two party preferred for Labor, we're all left wondering if Labor's ship can be saved.

If the recent state election in Western Australia is anything to go by, it's clear that Labor as a party brand are on the nose of many Australians.

The comical foray into Western Sydney a few weeks ago has done little to stop the bleeding of potential Labor votes from their bread & butter electorates, and there's little, if any positive news for them.

In short, Labor do not deserve to govern Australia.

Having said that, do the Liberals deserve it either?

No one in the Liberal party is yet to acknowledge the Global Financial Crisis ever happened, and they still haven't acknowledged Labor's relatively good handling of the economy, and helped kill off any meaningful reform, such as a resources rent tax.

And given that track record, any sort of progressive economic reform under a Liberal government is going to be like molasses, as we will constantly be treated to how bad the economy is, and how much of Labor's debt needs to paid off by making drastic cuts to the public sector.

So it's not going to be all rosy, and Joe Hockey as Treasurer is going to be an exercise in trying not to laugh in hysterical, sheer horror, especially now since his own party goes against him on matters such as the bloated Baby Bonus.

However all in all, Australians aren't going to go with the 'better of two evils' this time and vote for Labor, which would really be Labor's only hope at an up and coming election success.

Labor won't be able to bank on it - they've proven that they get wrapped up in their own dramas, and Australian voters, even left-leaning ones, are poised like a samurai to enact swift democratic revenge.

With the media legislation fiasco, it has also given Malcolm Turnbull more exposure to the public in news and through Question Time, who is still a very popular Liberal figure among the electorate.

The past few months have cemented the Liberal brand somewhat, and the Liberals now just really have to not say or do anything particularly silly, and they will cruise to victory like it's a one-horse race.

Labor have all but stabbed themselves in the foot.

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