Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Australia - a nation of whinging

We've all heard of the term 'whinging pom' - being a nation of English convicts and such, perhaps the sentiment has carried on down through the generations.

Politicians love to pander to the notion that Australians are always doing it tough, such as John Howard's 'battlers', who are cardigan-clad, and toiling away in the middle class just trying to be decent obedient Aussies.

To suggest that people are 'doing okay' is political suicide.

That's why we're all told we need the baby bonus, the schoolkids bonus, subsidised childcare, subsidised maternity leave, and a plethora of other middle class welfare measures to keep everyone snuggled tightly up against the government's bosoms.

You would think that no one actually earns a wage, because I personally thought that renumeration from work was supposed to make people self-sufficient - whoops, it must all be a farce then.

When foreigners arrive on a rickety boat, or even on a plane on 457 work Visas, the media and the national conversation reacts in an inflated, huffing way, that a brown coloured person might be taking their goodies and trinkets.

The Prime Minister's recent visit to western Sydney highlighted this fact; apparently a one hour commute time to the city was too much for the poor, downtrodden residents of western Sydney, and a magical expressway will be built just for them to cut down their travel time to their big city jobs and shopping outings.

This is despite the fact that western Sydney is physically located one hour from the CBD of Sydney, and short of folding space-time, it is impossible to remove that amount of travel time.

Which by and large really isn't all that much, especially when you compare it to rural New South Wales.

But still and all, the westie battlers played their part in the narrative that they were somehow being shafted by living some distance from the CBD of Sydney - which tens of millions of other Australians actually are.

Not only that, there was a big whinge-fest about Gillard visiting western Sydney; so they would probably never be happy if Julia came to see them or not.

Of course, not all Australians are whingers, and may of them are the heads-down type of people, who just work hard and pay their taxes...


Hold the phone! Did I just say 'pay taxes'?


Australians love nothing more than to whinge about paying taxes, despite the fact that things like medical care, their baby bonus, public roads (maybe even the magical space-time folding ones), garbage collection, schooling, and other public services are all paid for by taxation.

The argument would then be that they have to pay for other people to live - such as pensioners and other Centrelink recipients - which from one angle you could view as a fair gripe.

But rest assured, disgruntled tax paying Australian, that you would have hordes of hungry young and old all clambering for your trinkets and goodies, and they would be a domestic menace, not just the feared brown people on boats.

And in some shape or form, everyone pays taxes in some way, such as through the GST. The welfare that people receive is also usually immediately spent on essentials, and that money trickles back into the real economy in the form of wages from goods purchased.

It' not like you're paying for their below ground swimming pool or Bentley.

That's for the likes of publicly funded sports people, whom Australians also love to whinge about when they don't win gold medals, while sitting back and stuffing their already bloated stomachs with more yummy fattening treats.

I could go on, but the list is endless - and I don't want to appear like I'm whinging about whinging.

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