Friday, November 2, 2012

Politicians aren't that smart

You read it right, folks.

Politicians aren't that smart. Big politicians, small politicians, they're just not that essential to humanity.

Their trick is, of course, is in convincing you that you need them to live, and that your very existence is threatened if you do not vote for them - which is quite obviously false.

It actually couldn't be further from the truth.

You depend on survival more so on the person who packs your groceries in your trolley, or the person who you pay the price of a tank of petrol to.

Yet, by some magical feat, politicians have convinced us all that they are in fact necessary for our survival.

And while that may not be true, they are of course instrumental in determining public policy that the respective population depends upon.

If you take the Australian example however, with the recent drama of Martin Ferguson taking Rob Oakshott to task over comments he made over the mining tax to a newspaper, you come to realise how petty they really are.

Oh, we love to hate politicians. I for one don't envy their tasks - but it's an example of where an independent Australian MP is grilled and threatened with court action for defamation, for simply speaking his mind on policy, and you begin to realise what a farce it is.

Mr Oakshott was merely commenting on how ineffective the Australian mining tax is - after Ms Gillard seized power from Mr Rudd in a bloodless coup, she vowed to re-negotiate the mining tax, a tax on some of Australia's most wealthy mining companies and conglomerates. 

What we got was a heavily watered down excuse for a tax. So much so, that it was recently revealed that Australian miners pay next to no tax, and that what Ms Gillard negotiated was therefor next to useless.

So all in all, Mr Ferguson was threatening one of the very people that is keeping him in government; a highly preposterous situation. 

But it goes to show how ineffectual politicians really are, and how far removed from reality most of them have become.

I thought I would reassess the left, but it has to fruition that both the left and the right are completely ineffectual in governance.

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