Saturday, November 24, 2012

Earth to Doug Cameron - We Already Have an Underlcass

Every-so-often, a politician will make an utterance that defies belief and forces a second guess.

This week we had word that Labor's asylum seeker policy, namely offshore processing, is pretty much in tatters and woefully ineffective.

The island prisons they had thought would work are actually not up to housing the thousands of people that are now stampeding via boat into Australia.

This has forced the government to re-introduce a form of protection visa - where people can live in Australia while their claims are processed, yet are unable to work or study.

And when they are, they will be able to access a payment very similar to the Newstart payment.

As we know, the Newstart payment isn't actually much at all, and it doesn't really help you look for a job.

However, among the more left of our media commentators, an outrage began rolling across the country at this prospect for asylum seekers.

"What will they do all day!?"

"Why can't they work?!"

"It's just wrong!"

Of course, none of them care at all about the currently domestically unemployed.

No, what garners political capital among the left is pretending you care about an external minority.

But the big gotchya comment came from the Scottish-accented Dough Cameron, a Labor backbencher who is mostly an independent thinker, and isn't afraid to voice opinions that go against the big iron in the party.

He voiced his fear that the policy might create an 'underclass' in Australia.

Well, Earth to Dough Cameron - we already have an underclass in Australia.

We have well over 100,000 people homeless in this country, and we do indeed already have a deeply-entrenched welfare culture among an underclass that is swept under the carpet.

But this is the Australia that the left chatterati choose to ignore.

According to them, and perhaps Dough Cameron included, Australia is a utopian society where everyone has a fair go; where absolutely everyone is diligent and has a mortgage to pay, where everyone is working class, where everyone throws snags on the barbie, and where everyone has a job.

What country are they actually in?

Not only does everyone in Australia not have a job, there's a whole army of people who don't have enough work - and charities are already stretched well beyond their capacity to fill the gaps.

But no, according to the elite political class, and the left commentary establishment, Australia is the utopian paradise as described above - the thought of someone, somewhere in Australia not having job, is just simply unfathomable.

And yet, they ignore the plight of their own Australians that are here already.

Politicians from both the big parties routinely chastise the unemployed, and they routinely bash them with sticks that they hope will win them votes.

The only policy announcements in relation to unemployment is how tough they be, with no actual word at all on how they will create meaningful, long-term employment for everyone.

So Doug Cameron, cry me a river.

Australia already has an underclass, and surely your party is aware of it.

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