Monday, November 7, 2011

Questioning yourself

One of the first steps in making progress in any walk of life is sometimes questioning yourself, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times.

Most people develop their political leanings, whether they are especially politically aware or not, from fairly early on in their upbringing.

A common scenario may be that a child is reared in a somewhat conservative family, reaches high school and possibly university, subsequently gains a little freedom, and then rebels against the establishment that they obeyed for so long.

This transition usually returns to normal somewhat once the person reaches the 'real world' and becomes more accepting of the establishment.

This is not such a case.

Personally, I am in no way conventional. However, in modern times and culture, the only way to be unconventional is to be of the left, or the progressive side of politics and culture.

They do have some great ideas, and at one point, I could swear communism would cure all our ills.

Of course, giving labels such as 'left' and 'conservative' overly simplifies any argument, so this blog will try to limit use of those terms as much as possible.

If you're of the left and disheartened, take heart.

You're not alone.

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