Sunday, November 20, 2011

Obama fawning

My oh my, I'm just waking up from the whirlwind charm turned on by US President Barrack Obama.

Like a beautiful dream, I'm asking myself - "was that real?"

As expected, the media analysed every aspect of the trip. Despite the Queen facing crowded hordes of subjects unprotected on the streets, Parliament House had a public-free perimeter set up around it, and the house was to be closed off during the President's address.

I had a brief boyish fantasy of being able to waltz into Parliament and watch it when I first heard he was visiting, but those dreams weren't to be.

The limo also featured heavily, with spiffy little 3D graphics showing the President's car, or "beast" as was fondly dubbed, had a shotgun in the door - whoda thunk it.

Come Wednesday when the President landed, and the Governor-General changing her outfit on the same day into some sort of polka-dot parachute, a joint press conference was scheduled for 6PM.

We waited in great anticipation.

Prime Minister Gillard opened the conference, announcing the greater enhanced military co-operation between our two nations. However, while she was delivering this anticipated piece of news, there was something a little odd.

Her voice sounded as though she was announcing another war dead in Afghanistan.

It seems as though she may have been even closer to crying, with a very weakened voice, as though she may have been heavily star-struck standing next to the President, the leader of the free world, a Nobel Peace Prize winner - but being a stateswoman, she should have been able to handle it with ease.

But a couple of days before all of this, Labor back flipped on a showstopper - uranium sales to India.

What on earth is going on? India are not signatories to the NPT, and they live next door to Pakistan, who are also armed with nukes and whose political stability is constantly is question.

In a space of a couple of years and a new leader, the Labor Party has made a very broad, and somewhat unpopular policy shift.

And it seemed to be timed well - once it was announced, it garnered a little obligatory news coverage and acknowledgement that it will be discussed at the next Labor conference.

And that was it before the President landed.

Just today, the government is introducing new legislation that will allow countries (RE: the US) to store cluster bomb munitions locally; Peter Garrett must be spitting chips, the former Midnight Oil star that pined music against such things.

Little was made of climate change, health care, or other topics you would expect two left leaders would like to mutually highlight to bolster their respective domestic agendas.

Instead, military issues dominated, with Obama's final day being spent in Darwin addressing troops. Who the bloody hell goes to Darwin? Being the closest place to China in Australia, it's the perfect spot to place some Yankee troops.

The shoe is quickly changed once you're in power in the left, and everything old is new again.

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